Who Is Authorized To Establish An Agreement With The It Organization For The Purchase Of It Services

10.4 Customers must choose the right settings for the use of services and software when their services are aimed at children. In particular, the client must limit the collection and processing of personal data relating to children and obtain the required consent, if required by law, including Section 8 of the RGPD and the US Children`s Online Privacy Protection Act (“COPPA”). · Data Access Control: Measures to ensure that people authorized to use data processing systems can only access the data they have access to in accordance with their access rights and that personal data cannot be read, copied, modified or deleted without permission during processing, use and retention. Mandatory and secure authorisation procedures have been implemented for authorized personnel. The terms of the contract for the processing of data (“contract terms”) include the data protection obligations of the contracting parties in connection with the fee of Adjust GmbH (`transformer`) by the contractor (`the `controller`) in accordance with Article 28 of the Regulation (EU) 679/2016 (“RGPD”). The scope includes all the tasks defined in the specifications of these contractual terms, in which the subcontractor`s or third-party staff mandated by the manager may come into contact with personal data or come into contact with personal data. 3.5. Your changes. Subject to the terms and conditions of this agreement (including section 2 (product combination with open source software) of third-party code in Atlassian products) for all elements of the software provided by Atlassian in the form of source code and within the scope allowed in the documentation, you may only modify this source code for the purpose of developing additional patches, modifications and features for the software.

Each source code or documentation changed represents “Your changes.” You can only use your edits to support your authorized use of the software (and only with your own software instances), but you can`t distribute the code to third parties. Notwithstanding the contrary provisions of this Agreement, Atlassian has no assistance, guarantee, compensation or any other liability for your changes or their combination, interaction or use with our software. 4.7. When the controller uses uninstalling/reinstalling the product, the controller is required to notify its users of the subsequent storage of user data after the application has been uninstalled. The maximum time limit for uninstalling/reinstalling must not exceed 28 days. The person in charge of the processing is solely responsible for all third-party claims arising from the use of the Uninstall/Reinstall product by the Federder and which do not comply with the terms of these Terms and Conditions. The entity responsible for mission and public procurement must be satisfied with the non-exploitation of child labour and the fundamental social rights and working conditions of the bidders. During the tendering process, all tender documents will include a clause recognizing the non-exploitation of child labour. “Extended usage” refers to the extent of your authorized use for the software according to the respective command, which may include: a) the number and type of authorized users, (b) license, copy or instance numbers, or (c) entity, department, business unit, website, domain of use or other restrictions or billing units.