Sample Vessel Charter Party Agreement

(d) The vessel can no longer hire the sea pilot before dry licking and remains out of service until it is no less favourable to charterers than at the beginning of the out-of-country lease. Owners provide charterers with notice, confirm or advise on any changes to the date and time previously indicated, seven, three, two and one day before the delivery of the dry acal. When assessing the amount to be deducted from the rent (as shown in item 19.3 of the charterer), any distance made or traveled by the vessel during the rental of the vessel, including bunkers consumed by the vessel, is taken into account when the vessel is not leased (i.e. credited to the owners). (f) for the transport of crude oil with a casting point of 5 degrees C or lower, the ship must be able to rinse the shoreline with 4,000 cubic meters of seawater. c. The bunkers consumed during storage do not take into account the power of the vessel in point 18. The owners guarantee that they are a participating owner (as defined in the 2006 Oil And Gas Pollution Compensation Agreement (TOPIA 2006) and that the vessel is registered in toPIA in 2006 and therefore remains for the duration of this Charter, If this charter has been provided for since then, the details of this Charter must remain private and confidential by all parties concerned, unless it is information that must be disclosed by one of the parties to its employees, accountants, lawyers and associated companies who must be aware of this information in the context of the application of this Charter, to a court or to a government authority requesting it. , or another appropriate third party, if necessary, to satisfy a legal obligation or government. (d) Where the Serbs require it, the owners ensure that the vessel`s tanks are under pressure to facilitate measurement and sampling or to be desecrated or released from gas to facilitate inspection. Any time taken for extortion, measurement, sampling and re-introducing of pressure, or for the ridge or subsequent release, inspection and time recovered, is understood for charterers. The owners ensure that they, the ship`s managers, captain and crew, are aware of the ethics and commercial policy of the charterers, as set out in BP`s Code of Conduct entitled “Our Integrity Obligation” (a copy of this obligation is available on and its application to third-party contractors.

Owners undertake to ensure that, when fulfilling their obligations under this Charter, they, managers, the master and crew act and adhere to the principles set out in the BP Code of Conduct at all times. (d) if the vessel remains or is installed for more than twenty days in a port and/or anchorage and/or berth; the owners then notify the charterers that the vessel`s performance may be compromised, and the owners are not responsible for changes in the description of the vessel`s speed and consumption until the hull of the vessel has been rubbed, which the owners must arrange after the charterer`s earliest convenience and at the earliest convenience of the charterer. To avoid, for example, under this clause, if the vessel remains or is put in place for more than 20 days under the Owners Act and/or omission and/or violation of the Charter, then the guaranteed speed and consumption figures and the costs of each hull cleaning are applicable to the proprietary account, and the vessel will be out of the lease for the period of such hull cleaning if an original car letter is not available in any unloading port to which the vessel can be ordered by charterers in accordance with this Charter, or if the charterers require the owners to supply cargo to a party or another , however, owners must unload this cargo in accordance with the charter instructions. , on presentation by the designated recipient by charterers (the recipient) of an appropriate identification of the captain and taking into account the charter of the owners who, in the letters of compensation accepted and published by the Interna