Agreement Of Parties

Contract law is based on the principle of pacta sunt servanda formulated in indenkisch (“Agreements must be respected”). [146] The Common Law of Contract was born out of the now-disbanded letter of the assumption, which was originally an unlawful act based on trust. [147] Contract law is a matter of common law of duties, […]

Agreement For Export Of Goods

A number of small and medium-sized enterprises need independent distributors to buy and distribute their products. This may be agreed for a foreign importer operating as a trader or for an exporter who appoints a foreign distributor as a foreign importer. Below are important areas to focus on in each distribution contract. The seller […]

Africa Continental Free Trade Area Agreement

Maryla Maliszewska , lead author, is a senior economist in Trade and Regional Integration Unit (ETIRI) at the World Bank. His area of expertise covers various aspects of trade policy and regional integration, with particular emphasis on the impact of trade on poverty and income distribution. He added that Africa must respond to the […]